Things are hopping at the Temple Lodge

January 12, 2018

Things are hopping at the Temple as the garage, the new construction of the 6 Townhouse Lofts and the adjacent covered parking, including the rooftop recreation patio and fitness room, have broken ground. The Temple Lodge Lofts building is shaping up nicely and will be finished out and ready for businesses and residents very soon – in fact they are showing spaces now.

The Temple is located between two forces of nature in urban development; south of us is Lower Dauphin Street which has become Mobile’s entertainment district and to the North, the dynamic Technology Corridor, with businesses selling digital and analog services and products, in modern spaces. We have staked our claim to not following the crowd and let the development come our way. We need to brush up on our buzzwords in preparation for translation in the de-hipsterized zone.

The plans for the neighborhood are buzzing with everything from urban agriculture to brew pubs and fine cigar stores but the exciting thing about urban transformation and development are the possibilities and how the can’t miss deals meet with the real. Seemingly can’t miss ideas run into the recalcitrant laws of business and economics but they are soon replaced by the “next, next, new best thing.” It’s fun to be in the middle of all this.