Downtown Living

The Temple Lodge Lofts are for people who want to be immersed in their city, not just be a spectator but to be in the middle of what everyone else is watching. They want a vital life at the center of it all, but with their space nearby – to retreat and be surrounded by the things that soothe and recharge their lives. Located just a few small blocks off Dauphin, within rock tossing distance of the Technology Corridor – your life or your business is conveniently surrounded by what motivates you.

You could park your car for weeks or months and rely on your bike or feet to get you easily to work and to your play. Mobile’s downtown has really matured in the past very few years, and the young urban ideal where everything you need, and many you want can be found near your door, has become a reality. A variety of venues for music from country to opera, restaurant cuisines from ethnic to haute, stores selling everything from hardware to fashion and a real grocery store actually coming soon – are examples of the self-contained city life that a Temple Lodge resident dreams about.

The small business person has always been drawn to Downtown, but that yearning has been enhanced with more engineers, ad agencies, realtors, lawyers, accountants, architects and many more choosing Downtown as the only place for a serious business to locate.

So if you’re a small business looking for that space that is open and modern, or that energetic personality that’s been looking for that loft style apartment where you can be you – the Temple Lodge Life is what you been hoping to find.